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So my goal for this blog was to post a blog at least twice a week… failed! But, being positive and giving myself a pat on the back for at least posting this blog today.

So, on my social media and if you watch any entertainment news, the latest topic to talk about has been the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” (which will be out in theatres on August 15, 2018). I was fortunate enough to score some tickets to watch the sneak preview of the movie last Wednesday, and boy – did it hit home!

If you don’t know what Crazy Rich Asians is about, its about an international man, Nick Young, being in a relationship with an Asian American, Rachel Chu, and invites her to meet his family over in Singapore (very quick summary of what it is). And if you’ve seen the trailers for the movie, you probably heard it a bunch of time.

But – why did it hit home?

There is a scene where Eleanor, Nick’s mother, tells Rachel that she will “never be enough”. Those words – never be enough – have always pierced my soul and my heart whenever I try to be who I want to be.

“Never be enough” would be the words that my parents would tell me at times when I express my interest to do something different in terms of career, but even that would “never be enough”.

That scene itself and the words Eleanor says to Rachel is a brief window to how Asians are raised. We are raised to be more than what is expected of us and yet it would never be enough in career or even as an in-law.

Another reason why it hit home was to see the type of characters on the big screen.

Seriously – I remember seeing a few Asians here are there in some of my favorite movies, but a whole cast of Asians in one movie was motivating! As an inspired model, to see my fellow Asians on the big screens just gives me the courage and motivation to continue to work harder and practice harder to make it there with them.

Lastly on why it hit home – Singapore.


prawn & pork rib noodles @ Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I had the chance to travel to Singapore in November and I absolutely adore the culture and people there. In terms of advertising and wanting people to travel to Singapore – I think the movie did a fantastic job. It really made me miss the food, the people, and the attractions there. Note, that Singapore has a wide range of people – Malaysians, Chinese, Indians – so the food in Singapore is delicious.


Well, I know that wasn’t the best job of selling the movie, but I really do hope everyone gets the chance to watch the movie. If its not for the cast, definitely watch it for the writing, the visual, and the outfits. Had some LOL moments as well, which… I was the only one laughing in the theatre,

Anyways~ Thanks again for always reading my blog! And I hope for you to come back again!



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