The Story of Ramen

Hi world!

I mentioned Singapore in my last post and included a picture of one of the dishes I had there made me hungry, which lead me to share a cool class I got to participate in San Francisco!

The Story of Ramen is a fun, interactive class lead by Chef Manville and his team, who actually studied the art of ramen making in Japan. The class I took with my cousins was a 2-hour class where we got to make our own noodles for our ramen.

IMG_8865.JPGTo start, Manville would explain how the type of flour used to make the noodle and how measurements of water, lye water, and salt plays an important role in the texture of our noodle. With that, we began our noodle making journey.

The class taught us how to knead the dough to ensure our noodles become that elastic texture we all love. Then we ran it through the spaghetti cutter you can attach to a Kitchenaid.

Once our noodles are cut and ready to take a bath in boiling water, we head to the kitchen where we dunk the noodles in boiling water for 90 seconds while tossing it around with chopsticks.

IMG_1867Once the noodles are ready, Manville has our bowls ready for setting. He has the chasui meat ready for us, soft boiled egg, green onion, bamboo shoots, the broth – then the final touch: NOODLES

You’re able to choose your spicy level as well. I started with a 2 (medium), but the broth was so rich and delicious, I had to ask for more spiciness.
Overall, this class was a great bonding moment with my cousins because we all enjoy cooking and LOVE eating. But you also learn a few things about noodles, especially Japanese noodles (like bread flour is best to use due to the gluten – whaaat?!). I would suggest if you (readers) are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, love ramen, and have time to stop by the class – do it! They also have the vegetarian option too, so it is open to everyone who wants to learn.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any other suggestion to what I should write, please let me know!



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