Not so… cloudy/rainy city?

Hello, world!

Long time no write! It really has been a while (maybe a month, right?) Well, it’s been hard to be creative while I was in a “Motown funk” mode, but I’m trying to get past it and get back on it!

Last weekend was my beloved’s birthday. And for his birthday, we went to Seattle (as he has never been). When we usually travel, we like to include some outdoor activities and of course food. But this time, we decided to go with the touristy route and purchase a CityPASS and explore the popular spots.

With CityPASS – Seattle, we were able to explore Space Needle, Argosy Cruise Harbor Tour, Museum of Pop Culture, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Unfortunately, the Seattle Aquarium had a special event that week, so we weren’t allowed to enter that, but that is also included in the CityPASS.

Not only did we get to explore those four spots, but we also went to the famous Pike Place Market. I’ve been to Seattle before with my high school orchestra, but for some reason – I couldn’t remember that market for the life of me. However, it has been 10 years since then and I’m sure a lot has changed, like my mindset when I travel.

Enough of the touristy spots, now about food!
Like I said – my boyfriend and I are always seeking out food spots that we can’t get at in the Bay Area, or food spots that are known in those certain cities. The spots we hit up are the following:

  1. Un Bien – Cuban Sandwiches
    Caribbean Roast + Press sandwich was the most popular
  2. Rosellini’s Bakery
    Ordered two espressos with a coffee cake + earl grey macaroon
  3. The Tasting Room
    Wine tasting near the Pike Place Market. They also had board games which made it nice to chill while tasting some wine.
  4. Ramen Danbo
    OUR FAVORITE. We came here twice because we loved it sooo much. Franchise from Japan and the only store in the USA (until it opens its New York location), we enjoyed the classic rekka ramen and the miso rekka ramen. You can also choose the cut of the noodles (thin or thick) and the firmness (I recommend soft). It was great and definitely nice to have if you want something warm.
  5. Piroshky Piroshky
    Crazy line, but totally worth the wait. We kept hearing the locals talking about the smoked salmon pate, so we got an order of that, the beef & cheese, and the coffee cinnamon roll. Three different type of pastries, and totally worth trying!
  6. Pike Place Chowder
    Another “go to” place around the market. I would suggest ordering through their online platform and sit at their public seating. It was a lot faster than waiting in the line.
  7. Sushi Kashiba
    This is where the world-famous Chef Shiro works at. Unfortunately, the day we went he was not working so we did not get to see him. But the other chefs are great! Quality of fish was delicious and fresh. Be warned, your wallet will hurt after the meal but… you only live once, right? Also, people started waiting in line at 3:30PM (1.5 hours before the restaurant open), so if you would like to be seated at the bar and be served by Shiro – good luck.
  8. Biscuit Bitch
    Breakfast & Brunch, southern style. Grits were nice and garlicky. Biscuit was also soft and flaky. Come with an empty stomach and hoping to walk all day to burn them calories.
  9. The Pink Door
    Great cocktails and delicious pappardelle and clam linguine.

Oh man – went to a lot of restaurants… HAH. On that note, enjoy this short video! Not too much video footage as my GoPro was not corporating that weekend. But as always, thank you for stopping by and reading my blogs! I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time.

Cheers, Jane

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