Viva Las Vegas (off strip)

Hello world!

Another – long time no – write entry.

I know, I know… why does it take me so long? Because I feel like creativity works best when I feel like writing vs when I force myself to write. And I also just came back from Las Vegas; meaning I have some food adventures to share with you! 🙂

Since I’ve been dating my boyfriend, we’ve been going to Vegas too often. But luckily, I met a man that enjoys food more than gambling which allows us to venture off the strip then staying within the hotel walls.

This time around, we went to Las Vegas to watch our favorite comedian, Russell Peters. He is currently on tour after being MIA for a year and with good reasons. I’m always so impressed with his material and I could listen to his stuff for hours. By following our favorite comedian, it allowed us to stay off the strip at the Palms Place Hotel – and I must say… I really like it there! The suite style room with the kitchen definitely makes a great place to stay if you have kids or plan to stay for a while. Wish we took advantage of the kitchen, but NEXT TIME!

For food, we discovered a few new places this time while revisiting some of the favorites. Here is a list of places that we went to this time:

  1. Cafe Sanuki
    Legit cafeteria style restaurant. You grab a tray, order your meal, then pay at the cash register. It was a fun experience if you want to experience the Asian cafe style. Really enjoyed their tempera and the Shoyu Pork Udon and the Niku Beef Udon.
  2. Sweets Raku  FAVORITE.
    Had their Chef Dessert Set (which includes their special of the day + chef’s special) and their Sweets Raku Dessert Set (includes special of the day + one main dessert choice).
    That days special was a mango sorbet or a raspberry sorbet, which were both tarty and refreshing. The chefs special was an apple pie with honey ice cream and a blown sugar apple filled with whipped cream. And for the main dessert choice, we had chosen the “Mars” which included a cool fire show.
  3. Shang Artisan Noodle
    Shang is known for their hand-pulled noodles. We’ve been here before but had a major craving for it again. I recommend the pork & cabbage dumplings + their potstickers. We’ve tried their Shang Beef Noodles (which has a spicy broth), but if you prefer a non-spicy broth, the beef shank noodles were great.
  4. Good Pie
    For dinner, we saw great Yelp reviews for this place and decided to order-in as my boyfriend had to do some work (delivery by DoorDash). We ordered the Johnny be good, Detroit style, which means the pizza has a thick crispy crust (more bready if you like bread). The pizza was great delivered, but I bet it would have been better if we ate it at the restaurant.
  5. Sapporo Revolving Sushi
    Conveyor belt sushi – NOT all you can eat. Each plate is about $2.50 while you can order other things at a different price. Uni was great, so were the salmon and tuna.
  6. Goong Korean BBQ  FAVORITE
    Whenever the local Uber drivers ask why we’re going off the strip to eat and what is the best place to eat Korean BBQ in Vegas, we always suggest Goong. Goong’s meat quality is pretty high compared to what we get in the Bay, and the price is pretty reasonable as the quality of the meat is high. We like to order the Wagyu Beef platter that includes banchan (Korean side dishes), Korean pancake, soup, and steam eggs. Definitely, recommend trying!

Hope you enjoy my list of restaurants as much as I enjoy eating at these restaurants haha. And as always, thank you for stopping by and reading my blogs! If you have any feedback or recommendations, feel free to leave me a comment! I would love to explore new places and new items of foods. Well, till next time!

Cheers, Jane.

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