United Premium Plus: Worth It?

Hello blog world! Long time no write.  Again, only coming back after a major trip; why? Because my life is not as exciting as it seems 😂 I am, however, excited to write about this experience, just because when I was researching this, I wasn’t too sure if it was worth it or not.  Back story:Continue reading “United Premium Plus: Worth It?”

Maui 2022

Hello there!Happy 2022 and happy lunar new year!  As always, you know something happened if I’m writing a blog entry; whether it’s a new recipe or travel. This time, it’s not a recipe. 😂 I wanted to share some amazing experiences I had at Maui! My husband booked this trip for the beginning of JanuaryContinue reading “Maui 2022”


Oh dear – 2019… Last post, Oct 2018… So, how has everyone been? Haha It has definitely been a long time since I wrote. What happened? TL:DR – switched careers and now coordinating for executive leadership roles, got engaged in January 2019, and just been enjoying life as it comes! Literally, that has been theContinue reading “Aloha!”

Viva Las Vegas (off strip)

Hello world! Another – long time no – write entry. I know, I know… why does it take me so long? Because I feel like creativity works best when I feel like writing vs when I force myself to write. And I also just came back from Las Vegas; meaning I have some food adventures toContinue reading “Viva Las Vegas (off strip)”

Not so… cloudy/rainy city?

Hello, world! Long time no write! It really has been a while (maybe a month, right?) Well, it’s been hard to be creative while I was in a “Motown funk” mode, but I’m trying to get past it and get back on it! Last weekend was my beloved’s birthday. And for his birthday, we went to SeattleContinue reading “Not so… cloudy/rainy city?”